Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gotta LOVE a new haircut!!

Before (I hesitated whether to even post this picture or was taken the morning before my haircut...and I look oh, SO BAD...but, I thought I should include it so you can compare):
The afters!! -- perfect cut, perfect color -- I LOVE IT!!

My sister, Elaina, gets all the credit...she did FABULOUS!!!



Cute hair cut. It looks so good on you. Doesn't it feel good to just get a cut? That was how I felt about mine. Love the pics.


Love the haircut! I wish your sister still lived up here- I need a cut! You look great in all the pics by the way.

House of Ham's

I love it! You look just like Karen in the pics! Great job Laina! Hot mama!

Queen M

Matt is one lucky man!


you look gorgeous!