Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Annie is 7!

Annie's birthday was on Sunday!! We love birthdays & try to make them as special as we can!! This year, we tried to do a lot of our Easter activities on Saturday (pictures will come later from that) and celebrate Annie's birthday on Sunday. Our church starts at 9am, so we had to get going early so that she'd be able to open birthday gifts before we had to leave.
Annie got a cute outfit from Grandpa & Gramma C....she put it on after we got home from church!

Annie didn't seem to mind Parker helping her out with opening the gifts...LOL!

A new pair of shoes!!...

Posing in the dress she got from Grandma Judy & Grandpa Bill!

And...blowing out the candle....Annie requested Cinnomon Rolls instead of a cake!...

Happy Birthday, Annie-Bear! We hope you had a fabulous day & we especially hope you know how much we love you & love having you in our family!!



Holy Smokes!!! Is that seriously my little Sun Beam? I shouldn't be surprised since Micaela turns 7 next month but still, my clearest memories are of that sweet, reverent, helpful, bright 4 year old! Love you Annie!

ShaRene Knox

Happy Birthday Annie!