Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Grandma C

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for our new birthday clothes! We love them!!
Love, Parker & Connor
PS...a goofy picture, just for fun...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Birthday Boy!

Parker is 5!! Yesterday was his birthday, and he mentioned to me a few different times that, "This is my best birthday ever!"

We started off the day by opening presents....he picked the gift from Grandma Judy & Grandpa Bill....a set of Star Wars Lego's! Last week when Grandma C was here, she also got Parker a set, so he's having a blast with them all!
Next...a few new books....3 Scooby-Doo adventures!....the kid is totally into all the old Scooby-Doo shows & I've read these new books to both the boys a few times already!

Nothin' exciting about a much needed shirt for church...but, he'll sure look handsome in it!

Then, he got some Crayola Star Wars coloring pages...these have been a big hit too (when he isn't playing with the Legos)!!! more set of Legos (a Castle set this time), from Mom & Dad! A pretty big hit too!

At the end of the day, after going out to dinner (Parker picked Primo' all-you-can-eat Pizza place) we came back home for some cupcakes....

Making a wish & blowing out the candles!!

Hope you had a fantastic day, Parks! We love you!!!