Friday, October 29, 2010

The Last Two Months...

...have been busy with SOCCER!! We've had practice Mon-Thurs. nights w/3 games almost every Saturday (one Saturday we had 4 games and another two weekends Annie ended up having a Friday night game, so we only two for the next day...). But, we've sure had a lot of fun!!
Annie is trying out next week for a "select" league....a little bit better than just a regular recreation team, but not quite advanced as a competitive or club team....after all, she's only 8 yrs. old!

Abbie's team was new playing together this season...they started off a little rough, but have improved AMAZINGLY!! Her team is playing in the championship game tomorrow afternoon (wish her luck!!)!

She plays defender....
Parker had fun....but, I'm wondering if he's a little soccer-ed out....we're thinking about trying karate for him....

Connor's already talking about playing soccer in the Spring....we'll see what happens!! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

9 months old...

...and we love her more every day!!
(showing off her 2 bottom, front teeth....those are the only ones she has so far, but she puts them to good use!!)

(a big cheeser for Abbie, who was doing tricks behind me...)

(playing in the laundry basket)

(eating leaves outside)

(standing up in the kitchen....she thinks she is pretty hot stuff w/all her standing...)

(and she thinks she is big enough to start climbing the stairs....I happen to think differently!)

Allie is adored by us all...she is such a sweet, happy, easy-going baby!! We love our little lady!