Saturday, January 30, 2010

We Have a Birthday Boy!

Today Connor is THREE YEARS OLD! He woke up this morning, came into our room & let me know, "Mom, today's my birthday!" After giving him birthday hugs & kisses and then getting a phone call to be sung "Happy Birthday" to from Grandma Judy, Nate, Sharyn & Shannon, we headed downstairs for Connor-man to open his gifts!!...

Some "Handy Manny" books...some of his favorite!

A "Handy Manny Fix It Phone" from Grandma Judy & Grandpa Bill...

And a new bike from Mom & Dad, along with a helmet & knee pads!
After opening gifts, we all got ready and headed off to Krispy Kreme for breakfast (Connor's choice, that he's been telling us for the last few months!).

At lunch time, I called, "Connor-man, come for lunch!" and he responded by saying, "I'm not Connor-man today, I'm Birthday Boy!" Too cute! I think he's having a good day....we'll finish it off tonight with some cupcakes for everybody! I sure am blessed to have this cute boy in my life!

Friday, January 29, 2010

3 Week Photoshoot

I think she gets more pretty every single day!! We love our Baby Allie!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Showing Off! :)

These next few pictures are from when the kids came to visit Baby Allie and me later the day that she was born! I love seeing how much Allie is already adored by her older brothers & sisters!

Here's Parker getting to hold her for the very first time!

Connor climbed up on my lap & loved looking at (and kissing) his new baby sister!

Abbie loves holding Allie like this...

And a picture of my FIVE kids and me!!....I love every single one of them!!
Matt finally got a chance to hold Allie (without compitition with the other kids) when it was time for me to be discharged!!...he's a proud dad!!

Lastly....Allie in her "coming home" outfit!

I am SO in love with her already!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New addition...

Hi! This is Matt. This is my inaugural post (and probably the last, at least for along while - Meshelle does the blog thing). Just had to get on here and post some pics of our newest addition - Baby Allie!

For those interested, here's the stats: 7lbs 5oz, 20 inches, born at 9:40.

Abbie and Annie begged for months to let them go to the birth. Since Meshelle was induced, we let them come along. That's why they are in some of the pics.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Make-Overs at Monkey Dooz

One of the gifts that Abbie & Annie got for Christmas was a make-over at Monkey Dooz (a local kids salon)! So, last Saturday, I booked Abbie & Annie's appointments and the three of us took off while Matt stayed home with the boys. It was SO much fun to have a little "girl time" and I think it was a blast overall.
First, Abbie started with getting her nails painted. Currently, her favorite color it turquoise, so that was the color of sparkles she picked to go on them....which happened to match her earrings too! :)

Annie started by getting her hair cut!After Abbie's nails were done, she got moved to make-up. And, of course, she picked out turquoise to match her nails...
When Annie is finished with her haircut, she went to get her nails polished. Purple is one of Annie's favorite colors, so that's what she opted for... Next up, Abbie needed to get her hair cut as well. We cut about 4 inches off....but, I'm pretty sure still likes it!Annie got to move on & get her make-up done...she also picked a color to match her nails...purple!After Annie's make-up & Abbie's haircut, they both got to get their hair styled! So cute!Here's the finished product!...Abbie's wanted some blue (the closest they had to turquoise) coloring added to her hair, while Annie picked a pink/purple color!And...a picture of all 3 of us...
Aren't my girls beautiful? I love spending some fun girly time together with them!!