Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did you know Samuel the Lamanite drives a John Deere?

Is this news to you?....it's news to me!! But, as Parker was playing with his "quiet toys" in church on Sunday, I laughed a bit to myself when I looked over & saw Parker having Samuel the Lamanite driving a line-up of several John Deere toys!! He was having a ball & I just giggled away!! Parker is at a really fun stage right now...probably one of my favorites! With the girls starting school, he's become my little buddy. We will sit down & read several books (Robert the Rose Horse is one of his favorites right now) on the couch together. He loves to be my "helper" by pushing wet clothes into the dryer, or sitting on the counter while I work on putting dinner together. Almost every morning he asks if we are going to "some stores"....like the "Cookie Store" (aka Wal-mart) or the "Popcorn Store" (aka Target) and he's just says the cutest things. Lately, I'll say, "Parker, I love you" and he'll reply with "no, no, no...I love you, Mom" and we'll just go back & forth until we are both giggling! He's our handsome devil and one of my most favorite boys in the whole world! I love you, Parks!

Our San Francisco Trip!

Yes...after almost 10 years of marriage, Matt & I were able to get a little getaway (with Connor in tow) to San Francisco! We had a blast!! It was so fun seeing the sights, window shopping, relaxing, eating at some fun places (including getting some famous Sourdough Pizza!), and just being together!! So, here are a few pictures of some of the things we did...more to come later!

Here we are on Alcatraz Island...San Francisco is in the backgroud. It was cool to see Alcatraz, hear about the history & just be there...Matt thought it was totally cool! Getting the earphones & doing the self-guided tour is the way to do it!!

The Golden Gate Bridge! We had a funny time taking this picture...there were some crazy people on either side of us that wouldn't move away so that we could get the picture...luckily Matt's brother, Kyle, was able get decent shot!

Standing at the end of Pier 39! It was a breezy day, but we had fun exploring down at Fisherman's Warf!

Ahoy Capt'n! At the Hyde Street Pier they have several old ships that you can explore...that was pretty cool. There was a shipping ship, a ferry boat & several others...