Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Pictures from Conference Weekend

This weekend we took a trip down to Utah...we spent some time with my family, then spent some time in Park City with Matt's family. Here's a few fun pictures from our weekend...I wish I can been better & snapping pictures, but oh well.....

My little brother, Nate is playing tackle football right now. Parker found his pads & tried them on....pretty handsome, huh?

Here's Nate....he was being cool doing the "peace" sign, but in this picture it looks like his finger is up his nose...LOL!

Grandma Judy made homemade Mac & Cheese for dinner...Connor totally digged it! I thought this was a cute picture of him... :)

My cute "little" brother (he's 8 yrs younger than me, but towers over me by about 6 inches...or more!) and his son, Jefferson! Jefferson totally loved the Mac & Cheese too! I love Jefferson's curls & smile!

While we were in Park City, Connor was so cute. He took every chance he could, to walk around in Abbie's slippers! Notice the truck too...Connor found it at Grandma Judy's house and HAD to have it ALL.THE.TIME!

Here's another picture of Parker....he was building a "fort" for his can't see much of the fort or Rocky underneath, but you can tell Parks was having fun!

Here is Matt's brother, Kyle, with his cute wife Christy & daughter Gabbie! The weekend wasn't nearly long enough to hang out & visit with them, but we sure enjoyed seeing their family!!

And, finally....a view out of our room in Park City. The weather was cool & rainy, but I loved watching the clouds move in over the mountains as the day went can't see the mountains, but they are there, hiding behind the clouds!

We had a fun weekend & are already looking forward to the next time we'll be able to get together with our families!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Day of School Pictures!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm know I'm a month behind on these...but, hopefully you'll enjoy them just the same! :)

Abbie and Annie LOVE school! They have great friends, great teachers & a fun time learning. So, there were no tears shed when school started again!! Here was our "group" picture before the girls headed off...

Abbie (wanting to not just smile for the camera, but show off her Hannah Montana backpack as well...LOL)!!

Annie....adorable, as always...

Here are the girls getting off the bus after school...did I mention they love riding the bus?!!? They do! And, I love that the bus stop is just 2 doors down from our house!! If you look close, you can see the back of Parker on the left side of the picture...he was way excited to see the girls come home!

And Parker smiling cute right before he heads off to his first day of preschool!