Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Saturday Walk

Yesterday Matt & I decided we wanted to take the kids out for a little outdoor activity...the weather was prefect, spending a little family time together was great & we all had a lot of fun! We headed down to the Greenbelt to take a walk by the river! We did a 1.3 mile loop and finished up right before was perfect! All the kids were troopers...even Connor's little legs kept going!

It was even perfect for a few pictures...
And a cute baby girl that was perfectly happy the entire time! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family Reunion #1's official...I'm a slacker. I am NOT good at remembering to take pictures! We took our camera, though it only made an appearance on 2 occasions....never mind the roasting marshmallows over the campfire, seeing all the baby animals that have been born, craft projects, hanging out,, here's the few from getting together with Matt's family from a couple of weeks ago.

Matt's parent's bought a Tote Goat (yeah, I didn't know what it was either, until we arrived) a few days before we got there. Matt found a new toy, the kids, Matt & I all had fun riding it (when it wasn't raining) and Connor decided the helmet should be his.... :)

If you were to come to our house....'d find lots of Parker's drawings around! This boy loves to color, cut, paste, tape up, etc any piece of art work that he does. I think it's time I found a cork-board to hang up all his artwork on!
Here's some pictures of what you'd currently find around our house....

(symbols for only Rescue Hero's and NYPD allowed in this room)

(Lego "rock monster"...from the Power Miners set...some of Park's favorite pictures to color, recently...and yes, we print LOADS of pictures off daily!) :)

(more Rescue Hero's and Power Miner pictures)

(still not sure what all this one means...he likes to use the "+" sign when he is combining stuff, currently we have "M+"heart"+P" written on our porch in chalk...that means "mom loves Parker...anyway, there is a heart, rock monster and arrows to the right on this picture...whatever that means!)

P.S. I realize I have a month worth of catching up to do (end of school projects, family reunions, misc. pictures, etc), so I'll do my best to do some regular blogging! :)